Balas de Paja

Cinco balas de paja hechas a mano en resina.

Escala: 1/32


  • Largo: 25 mm

  • Alto: 12 mm

  • Ancho: 17 mm

Se sirve sin pintar. Gastos de envío no incluidos.

Ref: AD-BAP5

Precio: 3.-€

Straw Bales

Resin straw bales (5 pieces)

1/32 scale


  • Lenght: 25 mm

  • Height: 12 mm

  • Depth: 17 mm

Products are unpolished, unassembled and uncolored resin models, you need to complete it yourself.

Pictures are only a referent for coloring

Shipping costs not included


Price: 3.-€